lunedì 24 agosto 2009

These are the observational drawings i have been doing over the summer. the top one is with water soluble graphite and a bit of white paint and is a close-up drawing of broken shells. below that are the ones i did on a course at central saint martins in london. only thing is that the 2 of the woman lying down are A2 sized whereas the others are A1. the tutor there said that i should also include a couple of experimental, incomplete ones, for example the bottom one which is a continuous line drawing done without looking at the paper, part of which is done with my left hand too! i have others too and i would like to somehow use them as a project but i havent quite thought of how...?

venerdì 7 agosto 2009

I was looking at Falmouth art college and what the requirements are for the portfolio and it says that you need to include "an essay relating to art and design issues" but it doesn't specify further. it seems quite vague and i have no clue how long it should be or how specific the title should be along with a few other questions..?? Mr M, do you know what type of essay it is supposed to be?
These are some of the pictures that i took in New York. i was really inspired by all the tall buildings and the way that things change appearance when you look at them from a different perspective (appearance being my word). i took interest in the way things change when you look at them from very close up and the picture of the homeless woman is also related to my theme, but i will explain that further in my book...

sabato 16 maggio 2009

these are some of the photos i took of barges and my brother. i have a few more but these are the most interesting to me. even though i haven't done much photography, i think i've managed to get a really nice light. i'm wondering whether i could develop this into a project.. i could maybe mix and mingle some elements of the photos and make a small painting, but i think i would like to keep the photos as the main focus of the project. i like the way that the barge-people put the randomest things on their barge-roofs (or rooves?) like bicycles, tyres, bricks, building materials. i think it might be quite fun to live on a barge...